RCF HD 12-A Active Two-way Monitor

  • 1200 Watt Peak, 600 Watt Rms
  • Digital Bi-amp
  • DSP Sound Processing
  • RCF Precision Transducers
  • 130 dB MAX SPL

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The RCF HD 12-A active two-way monitor offers an extremely linear response and a precise, deep low frequency control. The 12” woofer guarantee a superior sound projection indoor and outdoor. It is the ideal speaker for main front of house in small PA systems, for high power monitoring and it is the best solution where higher power is required for various applications in larger venues.

The Latest Evolution In The Active Loudspeaker Technology

The concept of this unique speakers derives from the touring industry, bringing in a compact cabinet all the experience of RCF professional sound.

The RCF Team always has the performer’s needs at the forefront of the design in order to create new lines of speakers with renewed features, improved sound clarity and definition and even lighter weight systems.

D-LINE represents the latest evolution in the active loudspeaker technology with a revolutionary design and sound. Every detail has been carefully studied in order to offer musicians and professionals the perfect tool to amplify their performance, night after night. High quality materials, precise manufacturing, careful assembly and extensive quality control procedures complete the groundbreaking design work of the RCF R&D team.

The vocals are natural, the sound is clear at longer distances, the spl power is stable at very high levels.

State Of Art Digital Amplifiers

RCF Class-D power amplifiers technology packs huge performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. D Line amplifiers deliver ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance.

The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the heat dissipation.
All the D-LINE amplifiers presents SMPS power supply section in order to produce maximum output and minimum transportation weight.

Integrated DSP

The integrated DSP manages crossover, equalisation, soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost.

EQ Switch

A switchable EQ Mode make it easier to select among two different equalisation presets:
– Extended response switch, which slightly emphasizes the bass response for playback music and low volume applications;
– Linear response switch, for using the speaker to amplify a live mix

Mic/Line Switch

A useful Mic/Line switch to adjust the input sensitivity is provided. When used just for speech, the Mic setting allows to use a microphone directly with the speaker. Set the selector to Line when using the speaker for live music or playback.

In/out Connectors

Each amplifier presents both XLR In/Out connectors and a Jack input for the maximum connection versatility on the RCF HD 12-A active two-way monitor.

Volume Knob

An easy to reach volume knob on the back allows to set the overall volume of the speaker according to its application.

Status Leds

3 status LEDs – Power / Signal / Status are provided for monitoring the system.


RCF HD 12-A Active Two-way Monitor Features:

  • 1200 WATT PEAK, 600 WATT RMS
  • Digital Bi-amp
  • DSP Sound Processing
  • RCF Precision Transducers
  • 130 dB MAX SPL


  • Live Sound
  • Rental
  • Portable PA
  • Stage Monitoring
  • Clubs


RCF HD 12-A Active Two-way Monitor Specifications:


  • Frequency Response -3 dB:45 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
  • Max SPL:130 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle:90°
  • Vertical coverage angle:60°
  • Compression Driver:1″, 1.7″ voice coil
  • Woofer:12″, 2.5″ voice coil


  • Input signal:bal/unbal
  • Input connectors:Jack-XLR male
  • Output connectors:XLR female
  • Input sensitivity:-2 dBu / + 4 dBu


  • Crossover frequencies:1600 Hz
  • Protections:thermal, RMS
  • Limiter:Fast limiter
  • Controls:Volume, EQ shape, Mic/line


  • Total power:1200 W PEAK
  • High frequencies:300 W PEAK
  • Low frequencies:900 W PEAK
  • Total power:600 W RMS
  • High frequencies:150 W RMS
  • Low frequencies:450 W RMS
  • Connections:VDE AC socket


  • Cabinet Material:Composite PP
  • Hardware:1 x M10 top, 1 x M10 bottom, 3 x M6 bottom
  • Handles:1 top, 2 side
  • Pole Mount/Cap:Yes
  • Grille:Steel
  • Colour:Black


  • Height:647/25.47 mm/inch
  • Width:380/14.96 mm/inch
  • Depth:380/14.96 mm/inch
  • Net Weight:18.3/40.34 kg/lbs

Additional information

Weight36.81 lbs
Dimensions25.47 × 14.96 × 14.96 in


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