Allen & Heath Mixwizard WZ4 USB Audio Card

Allen & Heath
  • High Quality Audio Card via USB 2.0 Connector
  • Switches Allow Users To Configure Routing Options
  • Will Send 16 Channels To A Computer For Recording

$399.00 CAD

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About Allen & Heath Mixwizard WZ4 USB Audio Card

All MixWizard4 mixers can be fitted with an Allen & Heath Mixwizard WZ4 USB audio card which is an optional high quality audio card that will send 16 audio channels to a computer for recording or processing and a return stereo channel for monitoring or effects.

The card neatly mounts within the rear pod of the WZ4 mixer and the data is available from a USB2 connector at the rear of the mixer. Switches on either side of the USB2 connector allow the users to change routing options.

Please note that the option card must be installed by a technically qualified service engineer.


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