American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 Outdoor LED Par Can w/ WiFly Wireless

American DJ
  • 7 x 15 Watt Quad (RGBW) LEDs
  • LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hrs
  • Compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY Protocol
  • 64 built-in Color Macros

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About American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 Outdoor LED Par Can w/ WiFly Wireless

Extending ADJ’s range of professional event lighting solutions, the new 7PZ IP is a heavy-duty par fixture designed to allow impactful color washes to be created outdoors, whatever the weather. Developed with installers, rental houses, and event production companies in mind, the 7PZ IP is a powerful and feature-packed fixture that offers a huge amount of creative potential for outdoor lighting displays, both permanent and temporary.

Powered by seven 15W quad-color 4-in-1 LEDs, the American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 outdoor LED par can w/ WiFly wireless is a potent fixture capable of generating intense washes of richly-colored, or stark-white, light. It is pre-programmed with 64 macros, allowing for easy access to popular colors, while full RGBW color mixing is also supported to allow any imaginable hue to be created. It offers five different selectable dimming curves, as well as 0 – 100% master dimmer with flicker-free operation and variable pulse and strobe effects.

Setting it apart from many other weather-proof pars, the fixture also boasts a versatile motorized zoom function. By physically moving the LEDs back and forth within the fixture’s casing, the projection angle can be remotely altered between a very narrow 5-degree beam and a wide 45-degree wash. This makes the American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 outdoor LED par can w/ WiFly wireless a very flexible fixture, suitable for a wide-variety of stage, concert, event, and architectural lighting applications.

Further widening its appeal, the unit is also equipped with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR technology, offering extended range wireless DMX control. The 7PZ IP is capable of sending and receiving WiFLY signals over a distance of up to 2,500 ft. / 760M (with open line of sight). This means that permanent architectural lighting installations can be made without the need for control cables, while the setup of temporary event systems can also be significantly simplified.

American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 outdoor LED par can w/ WiFly wireless has a robust metal case with a protective Perspex panel guarding its LEDs. It has an IP65 rating, which means that it is fully water-proof, making it suitable for use outdoors in any weather conditions. It also features a sturdy scissor yoke which can slide together to form a hanging bracket or split apart to create a floor-stand.

The unit is also equipped with watertight Seatronic IP connections for DMX and power. AC mains power is supplied by a professional-grade powerCON TRUE1 input socket, while a corresponding outlet socket is also included to allow the mains supply for multiple fixtures to be daisy-chained together. Despite its impressive light output, thanks to the unit’s efficient LED light-source, it has a maximum power draw of just 128W. This means that up to 15 fixtures can be linked together from a single mains power supply.

With a choice of five operational modes, the American DJ 7PZ IP – IP65 outdoor LED par can w/ WiFly wireless is a flexible fixture suitable for all kinds of applications. For simple continuous wash lighting, it Static Color Mode allows easy selection of any of its 64 in-built color macros. While if a particular color hue is required, this is also easily achieved directly from the unit’s on-board menu using the RGBW Dimmer Mode. Active lightshows are also easy to create using the Auto Run and Color Fade modes. The former switches instantly between colors, while the latter offers subtle fades. Both modes can be set to run at a choice of speeds and multiple fixtures can be linked together for Master/Slave synchronization of the pre-programmed chase patterns.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 13.75 x 15 in



  • Light Source: 7 x 15 Watt Quad (RGBW) LEDs
  • LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hrs
  • Beam Angle: (5 to 45-degrees)
  • Refresh Rate: 1.8KHz

Technical Features

  • Compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY Protocol
  • Strobe (electronic)
  • 64 built-in Color Macros
  • 5 Operational Modes: Color Change Mode; Color Fade Mode; Auto (Program Run) Mode; Sound Active Mode and DMX-512 Mode
  • 4-button LED Display on rear panel
  • Electronic Dimming 0 – 100%
  • Flicker Free
  • WiFLY EXR DMX Range: 2,500 feet /700M (line of site)
  • Wifly On/Off
  • Dual bracket yoke allows fixture to be hung or set on the ground


  • Power Input: powerCON True1 AC
  • Power Pass through:  powerCON True1
  • Data: 3 Seatronic IP connection


  • 12 DMX Channel Modes
  • 16 Selectable WiFLY Address Channels


  • Input Voltage: 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Auto Sensing)
  • Power draw 120V 60Hz: 128W
  • Power draw 220V 50Hz: 128W


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.5” x 13.75” x 15” / 270 x 350 x 380mm
  • Weight: 25 lbs / 11 kg.
  • Metal Black Housing
  • IP 65

Whats Included

  • powerCON True1 Edison Cable (1M)
  • Manual


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