American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED Moving Head

  • 7x 15w RGBWA+UV HEX (6-IN-1) :EDs
  • Motorized Zoom: 5~55-degrees
  • 15-Bit Fine Pan/Tilt Control
  • 64 Color Marcos

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About American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED Moving Head

Looking for a professional, yet affordable, moving head wash fixture with motorized zoom? Look no further than American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head. Ideal for mobile entertainers, theaters, churches, nightclubs, concert venues and event production companies, the Vizi Hex Wash7 is an agile and powerful mover capable of producing everything from intense beams to wide-spread washes.

The American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head is a 105W professional moving head wash fixture with variable zoom (5 ~ 55-degrees) and seven 15W HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs. It features 64 built-in Color Macros, super fast pan/tilt movement, electronic dimming with 5 dimming curves and a pan/tilt inversion mode or contrasting movement when fixtures are linked together.

The American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head has 3 DMX channel modes, 3-pin or 5-pin DMX connections and powerCON In/Out power linking. Plus, this fixture is equipped with ADJ’s WiFLY wireless DMX. This fixture is ideal for stages, theaters, churches, nightclubs, concert venues and event productions.

Fitted with seven 15W HEX LEDs, the Vizi Hex Wash7 is a powerful fixture offering a total output of 105W. It’s 6-in-1 LEDs combine red, green, blue, white, amber and UV light-sources to offer unrivaled color mixing potential. It also features 64 built-in Color Macros to allow easy selection of popular hues either via DMX or directly from its LCD menu.

The fixture’s motorized zoom function allows its beam angle to be changed remotely to anything between 5-degrees and 55-degrees. At its narrowest setting the unit is ideal for mid-air beam effects, with its richly colored output focused tightly into a shaft of light that looks very impressive in a hazy atmosphere. Meanwhile, at its widest zoom setting, the fixture generates a broad wash that is ideal for illuminating large areas of a stage or venue.

Offering a 270-degree tilt range and a huge 630-degrees of pan movement (with the option to limit this to 540-degrees), the American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head’s beam has a very wide field of movement. Its speedy stepper motors allow for very fast sweeps, while 16-bit fine pan and tilt control facilitate smooth slow movements and precise positioning. Both pan and tilt can also be inverted, to create contrasting movements when fixtures are linked together or to synchronize the movement of multiple units when some are floor standing while others are hanging downwards.

0 – 100% digital dimming means that the unit’s light output can be reduced when necessary and also allows for smooth transitions between lighting scenes. A choice of 5 different dimmer curves is offered, allowing for use in a variety of diverse situations. Adding to its versatility, the fixture also features electronic strobe and pulse effects which can be set to any speed.

A professional-caliber fixture, the unit is fitted with locking powerCON mains input and output sockets. Thanks to its efficient LED light-source, the Vizi Hex Wash7 has a maximum power draw of just 137W, meaning that the power supply for multiple fixtures can be linked together to minimize cable runs. To offer maximum flexibility, the unit is also fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX XLR sockets, meaning that it can easily be incorporated into any existing lighting setup. Plus, the Vizi Hex Wash7 is equiped with ADJ’s on-board WiFLY EXR Wireless DMX that can transmit a wireless DMX signal up to 2,500 ft./700M (line of site).

With a large backlit LCD menu and 7 corresponding push buttons, mode selection and DMX addressing is easy. The LCD menu can also be inverted to allow for easy use when the fixture is installed hanging downwards from a lighting rig. A choice of 3 different DMX channel modes is offered, while the Program Mode allows simple Scenes to be created and recalled directly from the LCD screen.

Fitted with large rubber feat, the Vizi Hex Wash7 can be placed directly onto a stage or riser for upwards projection. It is also supplied with an Omega bracket to allow truss mounting in any orientation. The unit’s base is fitted with large robust handles that can be used to conveniently carry and lift the fixture for rigging purposes.

For world-wide touring and installation applications, the fixture offers multi-voltage operation between 100 and 230V (50/60Hz). It’s LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which takes away the potential for a lamp to blow mid-way through a show and also removes the time-consuming process of regular lamp replacement.

The fixture itself has a sleek black shell with an elegant contoured design and is fan-cooled to allow for continuous operation for prolonged periods of time. With a weight of 19 lbs. / 8.5 kg., the unit is easy to transport, carry and rig. It’s dimensions of 11.75” x 8” x 15.75” / 300 x 200 x 400mm (LxWxH) mean that it is a relatively compact fixture, especially considering its impressive output.

Offering a huge amount of flexibility, as well as an affordable price, the American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head is an ideal wash fixture for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking to expand your mobile lightshow, are specifying a venue installation, or putting together a concert lighting rig, if you need a versatile wash fixture that offers huge color mixing potential, fast movement, and motorized zoom, the American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED moving head ticks all the boxes!


American DJ Vizi Hex Wash7 LED Moving Head Specifications:

  • Optical
    • Light Source: 7 (15) Watt HEX RGBWA+UV LED
    • Life Expectancy: 50,000 hrs
    • Beam Angle: 5~55-degree
    • Refresh Rate: 1.2KHz
  • Specifications
    • Pan & Tilt Range: 630-degree (540 Optional) /Tilt 270-degree
    • Colors: 64 built-in color macros
    • Dimming: Electronic
    • Zoom: Motorized 5°-55°
    • Strobe: Electronic
    • Dimmer Curves: 5 dimmer curves
    • Operational Modes: 2 modes Program/ DMX
    • Flicker Free
    • Wifly EXR DMX Range: 2,500 feet (line of site)
    • Wifly On/Off
    • Demensions (LxWxH): 11.75” x 8 x15.75”/300×200 x 400mm
    • Weight: 19 lbs./8.5 kgs.
  • Connections
    • Power Input: powerCON
    • Power Pass through: powerCON In/Out
    • Data: 3 & 5-pin In/Out DMX
  • Control
    • DMX Modes: 2
    • On Board: LCD menu 180 degree inverse
    • 16 Selectable WiFLY Address Channels
  • Electrical
    • Input Voltage: 100~230 V, 50 Hz./60Hz
    • Power draw @120V: 137W
    • Power draw @ 220V:
  • Whats Included
    • omega bracket
    • powerCON cable
    • Manual

Additional information

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions11.75 x 8 x 15.75 in


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