American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED Moving Head

American DJ
  • Most powerful LED Moving Head to date
  • 300W LED engine that offers massive output for most large venues and event productions
  • Acts as a beam, spot and wash all in one fixture
  • Energize the crowd with top-quality, dynamic lighting

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About American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED Moving Head

The Vizi BSW 300 is ADJ’s most powerful LED Moving Head to date. It uses a specially designed 300W LED engine that offers massive output for most large venues and event productions. It is a great hybrid utility fixture as it acts as a beam, spot and wash all in one fixture. What’s more, is it comes in a smaller footprint than most other movers in its class.

The American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head offers motorized focus, motorized zoom, two 6-facet rotating prisms (one linear & one circular), 2 separate color wheels, 2 GOBO wheels (1 wheel fixed metal & one wheel rotating/replaceable GOBOs). There is a LCD function display on the front panel, with the rear panel offering powerCON In/Out and 3-pin & 5-pin DMX connections.

Protect the Vizi BSW 300 during storage and transport with the ADJ DRC16RX Road Case.

Powerful, check. Versatile, check. Affordable, check. Introducing ADJ’s new flagship LED-powered moving head, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head. A hybrid fixture capable of performing beam, spot AND wash duties – changing from one to the other in an instant – this is a real ‘game-changer’…

Vizi BSW 300 At A Glance:

  • 300W LED Hybrid Moving Head
  • Beam / Spot / Wash in one fixture
  • Motorized Focus & Zoom
  • Two 6-facet Prisms (Circular & Linear)
  • 2 Separate GOBO Wheels with metal & glass GOBO
  • 2 Separate color wheels (CTO, CTC & UV)

With a specially-designed 300W LED engine, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head is ADJ’s most powerful LED moving head to date. It offers incredibly bright output, making it ideal for installation in large venues and for use on tours and for one-off event productions. It offers a huge feature set, making it a very versatile fixture, yet is phenomenally affordable. What’s more, it also comes with a smaller footprint than most other moving heads in its class, making it easy to store, transport and install.

Fitted with two separate GOBO wheels, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head offers you a huge amount of creative potential when projecting patterns onto a surface or generating awesome mid-air effects. The first wheel contains six static metal GOBO patterns along with three different-sized beam apertures, while the second wheel is loaded with seven indexed rotating GOBOS. This second wheel is supplied with a useful selection of patterns (six colored glass and one metal), but these are all replaceable allowing you to swap in your own custom patterns if, and when, they are required. Offering even more creative potential, each wheel is capable of continuous scrolling as well as a GOBO shake effect.

Equipped with motorized zoom, the Vizi BSW 300’s beam angle can be altered remotely allowing it to change dramatically from one scene to the next. When used as a Beam fixture, the unit offers a projection angle variable between 1- and 9-degrees, allowing you to create a variety of effects ranging from super tight pin-sharp beams to wider chunky columns of light. When in Spot mode, the fixture’s beam angle can be altered between 10- and 20- degrees, giving you control over the size of the projected GOBO patterns. Finally, when used as a Wash, the unit offers a beam angle of between 12- and 23-degrees, allowing you to illuminate exactly what you need to – and nothing more. In addition, the inclusion of a built-in Frost Filter means that the light output can be spread over an even wider area, if required, to create a very diffuse lighting effect.

Motorized focus is another of the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head’s many useful features, which means that projected GOBO patterns can be kept in focus at different projection distances. The unit also features two separate rotating 6-facet prisms, one circular and the other linear, which can be used to multiply the GOBO patterns for impressive beam effects and complex textured projections. It is even possible to layer the two prisms offering even more creative potential.

The fixture also contains two independent color wheels, each offering seven color slots in addition to open white. The first wheel features a selection of richly saturated colors, while the second offers more subtle shades including UV and two color temperature correction filters: CTO 5600K and CTO 3200K. The Vizi BSW 300’s extensive set of features is completed by 0-100% digital dimming, variable speed digital strobing (including pulse effects) and Auto X-Y repositioning.

With pan and tilt ranges of 540-degrees and 270-degrees respectively, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head is a deft and agile mover. It is equally suited to big and fast beam movements as it is to slow and smooth GOBO projection sweeps. It also features 16-bit fine positioning, giving you exacting control when it comes to the positioning of projected GOBOs and beams.

Measuring 14.75” x 12.75” x 21.5” (376 x 325 x 545mm) and weighing 49 lbs. (22 kgs.) the Vizi BSW 300 is a very compact and lightweight fixture, considering its brightness and huge set of features. It is fitted with two convenient carry handles, one on each side, and is supplied with Omega Quicklock brackets for easy truss rigging. It is also fitted with large rubber feet, making it equally suitable for standing directly on a stage or riser.

A professional fixture, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head is fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR input and output sockets, allowing for maximum flexibility when you connect the unit into an existing DMX system. You have a choice between two different DMX channel options (18 and 21) and a large backlit LCD screen on the front of the unit makes DMX addressing and mode selection extremely easy. It is also equipped with locking powerCON mains input and output sockets, which can be used to link the power supply of multiple fixtures to reduce cable runs.

A powerful lighting tool, the American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head offers a huge amount of creative potential. As a Beam fixture, it is capable of impactful mid-air effects that can fill a large space with light and color. As a Spot fixture, it’s varied GOBO and prism options allow for a huge variety of projected pattern effects. And, finally, as a Wash fixture it is equally suited to lighting venue features in richly saturated colors as it is to illuminating performers on stage with natural-looking white light. Add all these aspects together, and throw in the unbelievably bright LED light source, and you have a moving head fixture that stands in a league of its own.

If you’re looking for a moving head that draws together power, flexibility and features in a compact and affordable unit, look no further than the Vizi BSW 300. It is due to arrive in the new year, so plan to head to your local ADJ dealer then to witness this ground-breaking fixture in action for yourself. The American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED moving head will be available in January of 2017.

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 x 12.75 x 21.5 in


American DJ Vizi BSW 300 LED Moving Head Specifications:

  • Optical
    • Light Source: 300W White LED
    • Beam Angle: 8° to 17° ( Spot Mode)
    • Beam Angle: 1° to 7° (Beam Mode)
    • Beam Angle: 18° to 26° (Wash Mode) Frost Filter
  • Specifications
    • Pan / Tilt Range: 540° / 240°
    • Color Wheel 1: 7 + Open
    • Color Wheel 2: 7+ Open (CTO 3200k), CTC (5600k), UV
    • GOBO Wheel 1: 6 Fixed + Open (3 Beam Reducers Beam Mode)
    • GOBO Wheel 2: 7 Rotating/Replaceable + Open (6 Glass, 1 Metal)
    • Dimming: Electronic
    • Shutter: Electronic
    • Focus: Motorized
    • Frost: 26° (Wash)
    • Prism 1: Rotating 6-facet Circular
    • Prism 2: Rotating 6-facet Linear Rotating
    • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): 1.2K
    • Strobe Rate: 0.3-20HZ
    • DB Rating @ 1Meter: Front: 50; Back: 50; Left: 53; Right: 54; Top:49
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.75” x 12.75” x 21.5” / 376 x 325 x 545mm
    • Weight: 49 lbs. / 22 kg.
  • Connections
    • Power Input: powerCON
    • Power Pass through: powerCON @120V or 220V
  • Control
    • Control Channels: 17 or 20
    • DMX Modes: 2
    • Control: 3-pin and 5-pin DMX
    • Pan / Tilt Correction: Automatic
  • Electrical
    • Input Voltage: 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Auto Sensing)
    • Power draw 120V 60Hz: 345W, 2.88 Amps
    • Power draw 220V 50Hz: 345W, 1.57 Amps
  • Certifications
    • CE
    • IP 20: Dry area, No liquids
  • What’s Included
    • Power Cable- 6’ powerCON to Edison
    • Qty: 2 Omega Clamps
    • Safety Cable
    • Manual
  • Optional Accessories
    • DRC 16 Road Case (Fits 2)


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