American DJ Focus Spot One Moving Head

  • High Output LED Moving Head Wash
  • Extremely versatile
  • 3 Operational Modes: Sound Active, Show Mode, & DMX Controlled
  • Pan/Tilt Inverse Mode for contrasting movement when fixtures are linked together

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About American DJ Focus Spot One Moving Head

The ADJ Focus Spot One is a 35W LED Moving Head with a 3W UV included for black lighting or additional color hues. In addition, ADJ has fitted the FS1 with a GOBO wheel with replaceable, rotating and indexable GOBOs. The GOBOs are easy to replace by removing the top housing with one screw that’s on a hinge. GOBOs easily lock in and out of the GOBO wheel. The Focus Spot One features motorized focus, Gobo Indexing and EZ Gobo replacement.

The American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is extremely versatile and has everything clubs, theaters, churches, concert productions and lighting professionals are looking for in a an LED spot Moving Head. It has 15 & 17 DMX channel modes, Pan/Tilt Inversion, 16-Bit Fine Pan/Tilt, 3-pin DMX I/nOut, PowerCon In/Out power connectors, and a 4-Button DMX LCD menu.

ADJ’s mission is to create entertainment lighting products which are affordable, reliable and packed with useful features that make your life easier and allow you to push the boundaries of creativity when it comes to using lighting to enhance a venue or event. The brand new American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is the embodiment of this ethos. It is an affordable moving head fixture that offers advanced features previously unheard of at its low price point. Focus Spot One At A Glance:

  • 35W LED Moving Head + 3W UV LED
  • Motorized Focus
  • EZ Gobo Replacement
  • Gobo Indexing
  • PowerCon In/Out

Joining ADJ’s new Focus Series as the first model in the range, the Focus Spot One is a compact, yet feature-packed, moving head spot fixture powered by a 35 Watt white LED light-source. As an added bonus, the unit is also fitted with an additional 3W UV LED, which can be used on its own to create glowing black light effects or together with the main output to create UV-infused moving effects.

ADJ designed the American DJ Focus Spot One moving head to be the ultimate mover for compact use in smaller bars and lounges, nightclubs, churches, entertainment centers and for mobile entertainers. With a 35W LED source, there is no skimping on brightness. The FS1 will provide smaller applications with a great punch of color, as well as, an excellent build quality and high performance that users have come to find in ADJ fixtures.

Despite its modest size, the American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is packed with a host of advanced features, especially relating to GOBO projection. The GOBO wheel features six slots, in addition to open, each of which is supplied with a GOBO pattern that can be replaced by the user with a custom GOBO. Both glass and metal GOBOs can be used, and changing them is incredibly simple thanks to the unit’s EZ GOBO Replacement feature. Only a single screw needs to be removed to open the fixture’s cover to access the GOBO wheel, slip out an existing pattern and slot in a new one.

Each of the six GOBOs can also be rotated continuously at variable speed, to create extra movement for mid-air effects and added interest for static projections. What’s more, the GOBOs are also indexed, allowing for precise positioning via DMX (a feature generally reserved for more expensive moving heads). This means that the rotational position of a GOBO can be stored as part of a DMX Scene allowing, for example, a custom GOBO of a company logo to be projected the right way up every time.

As with all of the fixtures in the Focus Series, the Focus Spot One also features motorized focus. This means that you can alter the focus of GOBO projections remotely via DMX to ensure that patterns are always in focus regardless of the distance between the fixture and the projection surface. As with indexed GOBO rotation and replaceable GOBOs, this is another feature that you won’t find on any other moving head fixture currently on the market in the same price range as the Focus Spot One.

In addition to its GOBO wheel, the Focus Spot One also features an independent color wheel loaded with 8 rich color options as well as open white. For added creativity, the color wheel can also be set between two adjacent colors on the wheel to generate impressive split-color effects. The intensity of the light beam can also be varied thanks to digital 0-100% dimming, with five dimmer curves, while variable speed strobing allows for the creation of impactful high-energy effects.

Thanks to its diminutive size, the American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is capable of lightning fast movement. It’s wide pan range of 540-degrees and large tilt angle of 240-degrees means that the light beam can reach every corner of a venue or stage, while stepper motors with micro stepping and 16-bit fine movement control allows for precise positioning.

For DMX control, there is a choice of two operating modes: 15 and 17 channel. However, the fixture is also supplied pre-programmed with four built-in light shows, meaning that DMX control isn’t required to get up and running with a moving lightshow made up of Focus Spot One fixtures. The internal lightshows can be set to run in Show Mode, at a user selected speed, or Sound Active mode, triggered by the beat of the music detected by a built-in microphone. Multiple fixtures can then be linked together using XLR cables for an easy-to-setup synchronized Master/Slave lightshow, with the option to invert the pan or tilt of selected fixtures to add more interest with contrasting movements.

The American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is fitted with professional-grade PowerCon power input and output connections, which lock into place ensuring that the power supply to the unit doesn’t accidently come loose during a show. The output socket can be used to link together the power supply for multiple fixtures (up to 19 at 120V or 35 at 240V), which reduces the number of cords needed therefore making for quicker setups and tidier rigs. An omega bracket is included in the box so that the Focus Spot One may be mounted to truss or pipe.

The fan-cooled American DJ Focus Spot One moving head fixture measures an incredibly compact 7.75” x 8.75” x 14.25” (197 x 221 x 360mm) and weighs just 12.5 lbs. (5.7 kgs.). It is fitted with rubber feet for floor-standing use and is supplied with an Omega Bracket for truss mounting, offering maximum flexibility. It also features integrated handles on either size of the unit, to aid with lifting and carrying.

If you’re a mobile DJ looking to make your first investment in moving heads and first venture into offering lighting production services to your clients, the Focus Spot One is an ideal choice. It is affordable, but at the same time offers advanced features that will allow you to create professional results. Likewise, if you run a bar or club with a low ceiling height – or if you’re an installer working in such venues – the American DJ Focus Spot One moving head could be just what you need. It is compact, so needs minimal ceiling clearance, but offers features and effects in line with those usually found on much larger fixtures.

With the Focus Series, ADJ is setting a new standard for compact and affordable moving heads and the American DJ Focus Spot One moving head is at the forefront of this revolution. Offering powerful output from an incredibly compact unit that still manages to pack in a wide variety of advanced features, the Focus Spot One is an impressive moving head ideal for a variety of fixed installation and mobile applications.


American DJ Focus Spot One Moving Head Specifications:

  • High Output LED Moving Head Wash
  • 1 x 35W Cool White LED
  • 1 x 3W UV LED
  • 16-degree beam angle
  • Motorized Focus
  • 3 Operational Modes: Sound Active, Show Mode, & DMX Controlled
  • 4 Built-in lighting shows
  • 15 & 17 DMX channel modes
  • 8 Colors + Spot & Split Colors
  • 6 Rotating, replaceable Gobo’s + Spot
  • Gobo Indexing
  • Gobo Size: Outer: 23.8mm/Inner:19mm/Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Electronic Dimming: 0% – 100%
  • 5 Dimmer Curves
  • Pan/Tilt Inverse Mode for contrasting movement when fixtures are linked together
  • Fast Pan Tilt Movement
  • Pan: 540-degree; Tilt: 240-degree
  • Gobo Shake effect
  • 16-Bit Fine Pan/Tilt control
  • 4-Button DMX LED menu
  • Stepper motors with micro stepping
  • Includes Omega bracket for truss mounting
  • 3-pin XLR In/Out
  • Fan cooled
  • Strobe/Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast
  • UC IR & Airstream IR Compatible (Sold Separately)
  • PowerCON AC In/Out on rear to daisy chain power (up to 19 Focus
  • Spot One’s @ 120V and 35 Focus Spot One’s @ 240V )
  • Light Source: 1 x 35W Cold White LED
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): 1.2K
  • Strobe Rate: 0.5-20HZ
  • DB Rating @ 1Meter: Front: 51.4; Back: 53.2; Left: 54.9; Right: 52
  • Long Life LED (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs)
  • Multi-voltage Operation: 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 81W
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.75” x 8.75” x 14.25”/ 197 x 221 x 360mm
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs. /5.7 kgs.
  • ETL Approved

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions7.75 x 8.75 x 14.25 in


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