American DJ PinPoint Battery Powered LED Gobo Color Projector

  • Manual Zoom & Focus
  • X-CLIP Bracket for drop ceiling frame mounting
  • Magnetic bracket for quick install on metal
  • Includes 4 metal GOBO patterns
  • Battery powered

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About American DJ PinPoint Battery Powered LED Gobo Color Projector

Communicate your message in light! The ADJ PinPoint Gobo Color is a battery powered GOBO projector powered by a 10-Watt Quad (RGBA 4-in-1) LED. It includes 4 standard removable GOBOs and a frost filter to defuse the beam for wider washes of light. When the GOBO is remove it may be used as a pinspot to spot tables, decor, architecture or used for special effects.

The PinPoint Gobo Color has an easy replaceable GOBO holder so that user may interchange the supplied GOBOs or to insert custom GOBOs. It features a magnetic bracket so the fixture may be quick attached to metal, plus a X-Clip mount is also included to attach to the metal in drop down ceilings.

The battery has a charge time of 6 hours to achieve a full charge. The battery life is rated at 5 hours (full on) or 18 hours when set in energy saving mode. On the side of the fixture are sliders to manually adjust the focus and beam angle.

Perfect for venue designers, production companies and mobile DJs who want to be able to enhance event spaces with projected GOBO patterns without the limitation of running power cables, the PinPoint GOBO is powered by a potent 10W cool white LED. The light output is concentrated into a tight beam with a variable angle of between 12 and 25-degrees and then projected through a slot that can accommodate either metal or glass GOBOs. A manual focus control then allows the projected image to be sharpen for a crisp GOBO projection at any distance.

Main Features:

  • Manual Zoom & Focus
  • X-CLIP Bracket for drop ceiling frame mounting
  • Magnetic bracket for quick install on metal
  • Includes 4 metal GOBO patterns
  • Battery powered
  • UC IR wireless remote (sold separately)
  • Airstream IR App (sold separately)
  • Pinpoint GOBO: 10W warm white LED
  • Pinpoint GOBO Color: 10W RGBA 4-IN-1 LED

The controls for altering the beam angle and focus are discreetly located on the bottom of the unit. Each slides backwards and forwards for alternations and can then be locked securely into place using metal thumb screws. A set of four effective GOBO patterns are supplied as standard with the PinPoint GOBO. One features a heart shape surrounding two rings, perfect for wedding celebrations, while a second projects a myriad of stars ideal for adding a touch of elegance to evening functions. The other two are more abstract patterns, suitable for adding interest to the lighting of any venue or event. A set of five color gels is also included with each PinPoint GOBO allowing the projected image to be enhanced.

While the supplied GOBOs are very effective, the PinPoint GOBO really comes into its own when used with custom-made patterns. Easily and affordably available, custom GOBOs are a great way to enhance and personalize any special event. The initials of a wedding couple or the date of their nuptials projected on a wall; the company logo projected as a backdrop at a corporate event; or the class year integrated into the room lighting at a high school prom – the possibilities really are endless, limited only by your imagination and creativity.

The flexibility offered by the PinPoint GOBO is further enhanced by it various mounting options, which mean that it can be easily installed literally anywhere GOBO projection is required. For extremely quick setup, the unit is fitted with a magnetic bracket that will lock firmly in place to any metal surface. It is also fitted with an innovative X-CLIP Bracket that allows it to easily mount onto the frame of standard drop ceilings. Finally, the X-CLIP is also easy to remove allowing the yoke to be bolted to a regular T-bar stand or attached to a clamp for conventional rigging from standard truss.

As it is fitted with a powerful rechargeable battery, there’s no need to worry about running out power cords when setting up the PinPoint GOBO. It boasts a battery life of 4.5 hours, plenty for most evening functions, however if GOBO projection is required for prolonged periods of time an Energy Saving mode is also available which extends the battery life up to an impressive 12.5 hours. Then, when the battery is spent, recharging is simple using the supplied AC power supply. The full recharge time is just 6.5 hours, meaning that an overnight charge can have it powered back up ready for the next day’s event.

Although the PinPoint GOBO is supplied with a set of color gels, sometimes there are situations where more color variety is required and ADJ has those bases covered by the American DJ PinPoint battery powered LED gobo color projector. Boasting the same flexibility and functionality as the regular PinPoint GOBO, the American DJ PinPoint battery powered LED gobo color projector allows for patterns to be projected in a wide variety of colors thanks to its 10W RGBA LED light-source.

With a beam angle variable between 17 and 33-degrees and a battery life of 5 hours (or 18 in Energy Saving mode) from a full charge, the PinPoint GOBO Color allows rich and vibrant colored patterns to be projected anywhere in a venue. Red hearts at a Valentine’s Dance; blue stars for a space theme; or a company logo projected in exactly the right corporate color – again, with the American DJ PinPoint battery powered LED gobo color projector, the possibilities are limitless.

Both units are incredibly compact making them discreet when in use and also very easy to transport and store. Measuring just 9.75” x 4” x 2.75” (245 x 102 x 70mm) and coming in at a featherweight 3 lbs. (1.1 kgs) both the PinPoint GOBO and PinPoint GOBO Color are small but mighty lighting fixtures perfect for any mobile application.

For even more flexibility, you can also choose to remove the GOBO and use either PinPoint GOBO fixtures as regular pin spots. What’s more, using the supplied Frost Filter they can also easily be transformed into wash lights, providing wider spread lighting for highlighting specific aspects of an event or illuminating architectural features of a venue.

Furthering the wireless ability of the PinPoint GOBO fixtures, both the regular and Color version can be controlled remotely using a choice of ADJ’s UC IR Remote Control, LED RC3 Control or the Airstream IR iOS controller. This means that GOBO projections can easily be switched on and off, and even have their color changed (in the case of the PinPoint GOBO Color), from a discreet distance.

Perfect for a whole host of events and applications, the new PinPoint GOBO and American DJ PinPoint battery powered LED gobo color projector from ADJ take custom logo and pattern projection to a new level. Compact fixtures, with powerful output, variable beam angle, battery power and flexible mounting options, the PinPoint GOBO units really do allow GOBOs to be projected absolutely anywhere you want them!


American DJ PinPoint Gobo Color Pinspot Specifications:

  • Rechargeable battery powered, bright 10W RGBA 4-in-1 LED Pinspot / Gobo Projector
  • 17-33-degree variable beam
  • Manual focus
  • Compact high-tech metal case design
  • Long-life LED: 50,000 hour LED life
  • Light Output: 431 LUX @2M; 110.8 LUX @4M (15-degree beam)
  • Refresh Rate: 1KHz
  • Power consumption: 11W
  • Includes magnetic bracket for easy quick install on metal
  • X-CLIP Bracket for drop ceiling frame mounting
  • Includes Frost Filter to defuse beam
  • Includes 4 metal GOBOs
  • Replaceable Gobo size: 25.8mm; Viewable size: 19mm; Thickness: 1mm max.
  • Drop in GOBO Slot (for metal gobos only)
  • Includes Power Adapter (DC 8.7V 1A)
  • ADJ UC IR Remote Control (Sold Separately) & Airstream IR Compatible
  • Battery Charge Time: 6 Hours (With POWER switch off)
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours (Full On) / 18 Hours (In Energy Saving Mode w/ Full Charge)
  • Energy saving mode is activated from the UC IR remote (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.75” x 4” x 2.75” / 245 x 102 x 70mm
  • Weight: 3 lbs. / 1.1 kgs.

Battery Specifications

  • Battery Charge Time: 6.5 Hours (Load Switch Off)
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours Full On in 10W Mode, 10 Hours in 3.3W Mode,
  • 18 Hours in Energy Saving Mode (Full Charge)
  • Battery Lifetime: Average Lifetime is 500 Charges (This depends on
  • charging frequency)
  • Battery Type: Fixed Lithium Battery
  • Battery Energy: 32.56WH (Watt Hours)
  • Battery Weight: 0.4lbs. / 0.19kg
  • Battery Voltage: 7.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 4.4AH
  • Total Lithium Ion Cells: 4pcs
  • Battery Wrap Material: PVC Sleeving + Highland Barley Paper

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions11.9 x 4.8 x 4.5 in


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