American DJ Ikon Profile Effect Light

American DJ
  • A flexible, forward-thinking and affordable GOBO projector
  • Easily doubles as an effective spotlight unit, ADJ’s new Ikon Profile combines a powerful 32W LED, an interchangeable glass GOBO
  • Manually adjustable beam angle/focus features
  • Exceptionally portable package

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About American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED Gobo Projector

The Ikon Profile is a high output single GOBO Projector powered by a bright 32W (7500K) white LED. This fixture uses high quality optics for crisp, clear projection. User can adjust the LED brightness and strobing via DMX or by the included wireless UC IR remote control.

American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector includes one textured glass GOBO. Users may also easily insert custom GOBOs in the fixture’s GOBO slot located on the top of the fixture. Another key feature is the ability to manually control the beam angle, focus and framing shutters. The beam angle is adjustable from 15-30 degrees making it versatile for a wide variety of applications.

The Ikon Profile is also compatible with the UC IR wireless remote and the ADJ Airstream IR App for iOS device (both sold separately).

Do you want to incorporate high-power GOBO effects into your lighting setup without spending big bucks? The new American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector is an unbelievably compact GOBO projector that boasts a powerful LED source, easy-to-adjust framing shutters, and a textured glass GOBO, letting you create super-bright, adaptable GOBO projections from one portable unit.

The new projector – which was well received at LDI 2015 in October, as well as at the NAMM 2016 tradeshow earlier this month – is fitted with a 32W white LED and a textured glass GOBO, a combination that lets you create a powerful beam of optimized white light that makes your GOBO projections not only extra-bright, but crisp and rich too.

Thanks to ADJ’s commitment to providing lighting solutions that are not only forward-thinking and cost-effective but highly versatile too, you’ll find a number of features that make the Ikon Profile suited to a range of events and situations. For starters, the beam angle can be manually adjusted (15-40-degrees) and the GOBO swapped, effectively allowing you to turn the Ikon Profile into a spotlight, with the five dimmer curves letting the beam be optimized for everything from architectural applications to stage performances. As well as changing the beam angle to suit your needs, the unit can also be manually focussed to ensure a vivid projection at all times.

The other key feature which allows the versatile American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector to reign supreme is its framing shutters: being manually adjustable, they allow you to craft the light produced by the unit into any four-sided shape you require. So, whether you want a square beam, or decide to go for a wider rectangular form, you can match the Ikon Profile’s projection to venue features or specific areas, for a more uniform, sleek look.

Completing the Ikon Profile’s innovative range of features, ADJ has fitted the unit with a drop-in GOBO slot (for 26.8mm GOBOs). This means that whether you choose to use metal GOBOs or glass, you can easily interchange them to achieve different but equally as effective results. The compact new unit also makes the most of a color frame, giving you the flexibility to add color filters and color correction filters to generate powerful beam projections in a range of vivid hues.

When it comes to controlling the Ikon Profile, you have access to four DMX channels – allowing you to get extra imaginative with your GOBO lightshows through DMX control – as well as being able to operate the unit via the UC IR remote and Airstream IR App. The latter two control options enable wireless operation from a distance of up to 30ft, giving you the freedom to create pure lighting excitement from any position, whether you’re working the lights from behind the bar or you’re tucked away in the lighting booth at the back of the event. Using the game-changing Airstream IR App, you can even trigger these unique GOBO projections from the convenience of your handheld iOS device – for true versatility!

Weighing in at just 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg. and boasting compact dimensions (16 x 6 x 9in / 408x150x226mm), ADJ has ensured that the American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector can be easily incorporated into your setup, no matter how mobile your rig needs to be. Due to its awesome design – as a lighting effect that’s incredibly compact but extremely powerful – you can conveniently take the American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector on the road with you, or install it inside venues with limited space. As such, it’s the ideal GOBO projector for mobile entertainment! But, at the same time, the Ikon Profile’s power and flexibility also make it the perfect projector for houses of worship, nightclubs, bars, stage productions and event retail outlets. For these bigger events, where the fixture is highly effective used in multiples, the Ikon Profile’s power outlet allows the power for up to 16 units to be daisy-chained at 120V (27 @ 230V), for a widespread lightshow that really packs a punch!

Letting you bring powerful GOBO effects to your nightclub or bar during late-night events, you’ll have no problems running the American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector all night long without any duty cycle, thanks to its low heat output and efficient LED source. The unit also ships with an included yoke, so you can easily mount it on a wall or hang the light from trussing, enabling you to deliver eye-catching beams of bright white light from a range of angles.

Do you want the unlimited power and flexible control to create truly stunning and highly impactful GOBO projections? Well, this versatile and compact new unit gives you just that, utilizing a high-strength beam to project unique GOBO patterns down onto the dance-floor or onto the walls or ceiling of a venue. Powerful, portable but budget-conscious, the American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED gobo projector provides you with a sure-fire way to produce pure lighting excitement for your guests, no matter where you take it or how you choose to use it!


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 6 x 9 in


American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED Gobo Projector Specifications:

  • Bright white 32W LED indoor Gobo Projector
  • High quality optics – Clear powerful output
  • 3 DMX Channels
  • 5 Dimmer Curves
  • Beam Angle: 15-30 degrees
  • Adjustable Beam Angle and Focus
  • Manual Framing Shutters
  • Includes Textured Glass Gobo
  • One Glass Gobo Installed, 4 Metal Gobos Included
  • Gobo size: 26.8mm; Viewable size: 24mm
  • Drop in Gobo Slot for Metal or Glass Gobos
  • Color Frame For Color Filters
  • Run all night – No Duty Cycle
  • Ideal for Mobile DJs, Clubs, Bars, Retail Stores and Promotional Events
  • Very low heat output
  • Long life LED (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs.)
  • IEC AC outlet on side to daisy chain power (up to 16 Ikon Profile’s @ 120V and 27 Ikon Profile’s @ 230V)
  • Includes yoke to mount on a wall or hang from trussing
  • UC IR Remote Control (Sold Separately) & Airstream IR Compatible (Transmitter Included.
  • Multi-voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz• Power consumption: 44W max
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.75” x 6” x 5”/ 448 x 150 x 127mm
  • Weight: 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg.
  • ETL Approved


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