Antari HZ-400 Haze Machine

  • 470 Watts
  • Use With Antari HZL Haze Fluid
  • 28,000 Cu.ft/min Of Output
  • 2.5 Liter Tank Capacity

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About Antari HZ-400 Haze Machine

Antari HZ-400 haze machine is equipped with an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism, and a specially designed liquid tank. The HZ-400 is equipped with two haze nozzles capable of producing virtually invisible large volume of haze output.

The fine translucence and non-stop output produced by HZ-400 makes more remarkable by the fact that with this hazer there are no temperature controls, hot air and warm-up times during operation. Its internal compressor is extremely powerful, quiet and very efficient. With an added on-board DMX which provides users to control the unit by any DMX 512.

HZ-400 Professional Haze machine is the elegant combination between the ultimate haze quality from high capacity, low fluid consumption and silent operation demanded by professionals.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs


Antari HZ-400 Haze Machine Specifications:


Power Consumption
Fluid Consumption
Fluid Tank Capacity
Operating Time

DMX Channels
Accessories Optional


U.S.  : AC 120V 50/60HZ 3.92A
Europe : AC 230V 50/60HZ 2A
1.1 ml/min (100% output)
2.5 Liters
Antari HZL Haze Fluid
MAX. Output 37 hr
2,800 cu.ft / min
On/Off Switch Control
DMX 512
Timer Mode 
1 Channel
HC-1 Cable Timer Remote
HCR-1 Wireless Remote
L 500 W 320 H 319 mm 
18.5 kg