Antari W-510 1000 Watt Fog Machine with Wireless Control

  • Heat-Up Time of 13.5 Minutes
  • Output of 15,000 cu.ft / min
  • 2.8 Liter Fluid Tank
  • Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid

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About Antari W-510 1000 Watt Fog Machine with Wireless Control

The cutting-edge wireless control system gives Antari W-510 1000 watt fog machine with wireless control a simple setting and operation interface. Additionally, the state-of-the-art heater design upgrades the W Series fog machines to a higher level in terms of good quality fog and energy efficiency. In conclusion, Antari W Series bring users to a professional scene in an easier method.

Main Features:

  1. Intelligent Wireless Control System
    Each machine comes with a set of wireless receiver and transmitter as standard controller. The working distance of wireless control is 50 meters in open area.
  2. Opto-electronic Fluid Sensor
    When the fluid recipient runs dry,the fluid sensor stops pumping automatically to protect pump from burning.
  3. More Efficient New Heat Exchanger Design
    It can generate drier fog with smaller particles.This leads to a fairly low fog fluid consumption.Compare to the equivalent power consumption heat exchangers, the same quantity of fog fluid in W series can produce 20% more fog than others.
  4. New Advanced PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design
    The new system can control temperature precisely and rule out the influence from outside environments as much as possible to make W series fog machines be able to work stably between – 20 and + 60 degree Celsius.


Antari W-510 1000 Watt Fog Machine with Wireless Control Specifications:

Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt
Heater : 1,000 W
Output : 15,000 cu.ft / min
First Heat-up Time : 13.5 min
Tank Capacity : 2.8 liter
Fluid Consumption Rate : 11 min / liter (100% Output)
Remote Included : W-1 Wireless Remote
Optional Accessories : W-510-HB Hanging Bracket
Weight : 11.4 Kg
Dimensions (mm) : L 468 W 250 H 148
DMX : On board
Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions23.23 x 14.37 x 11.81 in