Antari M-10A 3000 Watt Fog Machine

  • Warm-up Time of 9.5 Minutes
  • 30000 Watt Power Consumption
  • 10 Liter Fluid Tank
  • Output of 50,000 cu.ft/min

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About Antari M-10A 3000 Watt Fog Machine

Antari M-10A 3000 watt fog machine is ideal for large concerts, movie production, fire training purpose and especially for touring applications, as well as any venue where ultimate performance, ease of use and dependability are specified. It is the most powerful single heater-block fog machine available on the market.

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Weight 47 lbs


Antari M-10A 3000 Watt Fog Machine Specifications:

Power Consumption
Warm up Time
Fluid Consumption
Fluid Tank Capacity
FluidOperating Time
ControlDMX Channels
Accessories Included
Accessories Optional


Europe : AC 230V 50/60HZ 13A
3,000 W
9.5 minutes (approx.)
250 ml/min (100% Output)
10 Liter
Antari FLG-10 Heavy Fog Fluid
Antari FLR-10 Light Fog Fluid
MAX. Output 40 min
50,000 cu.ft/min
Volume and Timer Mode
DMX 512
1 Channel
M-20 Control Module
M-30 PRO Wireless Control Module
FX-5 Flightcase
L 690 W 319.6 H 298.2 mm
21 kg