American DJ Boom Box FX2 Multi-Effect Light

  • Create pure lighting excitement for any event
  • Unique classic Derby effect, GOBO effects, wash the dance floor in colors and the Galaxian style red and green laser
  • 4 different lighting effects in one from 9 built-in lightshows and 63 preset color combinations

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About American DJ Boom Box FX2 Multi-Effect Light

Put some “BOOM” into your lightshow! Create pure lighting excitement for any event with the 4-FX-IN-1 Boom Box FX2. Cover the room in light from the classic Derby effect, paint the walls with GOBO effects, wash the dance floor in colors and mesmerize the crowd with the Galaxian style red and green laser!

American DJ Boom Box FX2 multi-effect light, part of the Startec Series, create’s an event to remember! With 4 different lighting effects in one from 9 built-in lightshows and 63 preset color combinations you have hours of fun built into one lighting fixture.

Each combining four different lighting effects into one single compact case, the Boom Box FX1 and American DJ Boom Box FX2 multi-effect light both offer a full light show from a single unit. This means that the effects of four separate regular fixtures can be created using just one of these innovative products, significantly reducing the number of power cords and rigging points needed for a mobile lightshow or permanent installation. This not only minimizes setup or installation time, but also reduces the amount of storage and transportation space required for a mobile lightshow.

American DJ Boom Box FX2 multi-effect light features a party dome moonflower effect that projects countless beams of shimming, swaying, and spinning light from 6 x 3W LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 amber, and 1 UV). This unique Perspex dome, which protrudes from the front of the unit’s casing, has a myriad of facets which each project a beam of light from the fixture’s collection of potent LEDs in a different direction. The circular arrangement of these facets means that the projected beams are grouped into a collection of concentric circles, which are caused to spin by the movement of the LEDs within the unit. What’s more, as the LEDs are offset inside the fixture, each one creates a separate beam through each facet of the dome. This means that when all the LEDs are illuminated a huge number of beams are generated, creating a mesmerizing effect.

American DJ Boom Box FX2 multi-effect light, meanwhile, features a GOBO moonflower in place of the FX1 model’s party dome. Powered by 8 x 3W LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 white) this eye-catching effect is perfect for adding interest to a dancefloor. The light from each LED is projected through a different detailed GOBO pattern which both spin around and sweep in and out to create an impressively dynamic lighting effect.

Both Boom Box fixtures also incorporate eight wash LEDs, a Galaxian-style cluster laser, and an LED-powered derby beam effect. The wash LEDs are each rated at 1W (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 amber) and are arranged in a circular pattern around the laser aperture. The laser effect utilizes both red and green diodes which are used to create a variety of pre-programmed shapes. A diffraction grating then splits the colored laser beams up to create an array of replicated patterns that will fill a large area of wall, floor, or ceiling. Finally, the Mini Dekker-style derby beam effect makes use of 2 x 10W quad (RGBW) LEDs to project countless fast-moving beams of colored light.

Both of the new models are housed in the same distinctive casing which incorporates rubber feet as well as a flexible hanging bracket. Measuring 9” x 25”x 12.5” / 232 x 634 x 319mm (L x W x H) and weighing just 15.5lbs. / 7 kg, the fixtures are easy to store, transport and rig.

The Boom Boxes’ in-built hanging brackets can be used to permanently install the fixtures in bars, clubs, and other leisure venues, and can also be used to attach them to trussing or tripod stands for mobile applications. Using ADJ’s inexpensive LTS-6 tripod as an example, a single Boom Box could be attached to the top of the stand using the supplied FS-Adapter creating a simple to setup, but extremely effective, all-in-one lightshow solution. Alternatively, the LTS-6’s included T-bar could be used to mount both Boom Box models to one stand, creating a truly impressive lightshow capable of filling a larger space. Another option is to use an O-clamp to fix a Boom Box FX unit to the upright pole of a tripod, allowing it to be rigged to an existing speaker stand.

All these varied options make the Boom Box fixtures incredibly flexible and, as they are each essentially four lights in one, just one unit on a stand is enough to create a full lightshow in a small room, while a pair are powerful enough to fill a larger space. They also require no duty cycle, which means they can run continuously for as long as required, and feature pre-programmed shows for simple ‘plug-and-play’ operation.

To fill larger spaces with a dynamic lightshow, you could choose to utilize one of each Boom Box fixture together, or even multiples of the two models. XLR cables can be used to link together two or more units to easily create synchronized effects. ADJ’s UC IR Remote Control (sold separately) can also be used for basic control – blackout, strobing, pre-programmed show selection, and sound mode activation – of one or more Boom Boxes, while the fixtures are also compatible with ADJ’s Airstream IR tablet/smartphone remote control solution.

For more exacting control, or for integration into a larger lighting system, both Boom Boxes are also compatible with DMX. A choice between a basic 3-channel and advanced 21-channel DMX mode is offered on both models, with the latter providing full individual control over all of the colors and features for the unit’s four separate effects.

Combining wide-reaching washes, impactful beams, and eye-catching lasers effects, the StarTec Boom Box FX1 and American DJ Boom Box FX2 multi-effect light both offer a room-filling lightshow from a single compact fixture. The choice between the energetic beam effect created by the FX1’s party dome or the sweeping GOBO effect offered by the FX2 is down to you. Of course you could choose both, linking together a pair of the fixtures for an unbeatable party-starting lightshow.


American DJ Boom Box FX2 Multi-Effect Light Specifications:

  • High Output 4 FX in 1: Gobo Effect, Moonflower Effect, Strobe/Chase and green & red laser effect
  • 2 DMX Channel Modes: 3 Channels & 18 DMX Channels
  • 3 Operation modes: Sound Active, Show Mode or DMX Controllable
  • 8 Gobos
  • 9 Exciting built-in shows
  • Stand Alone or Master/Slave Set Up
  • Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable
  • 4-button DMX display on rear panel
  • Strobing
  • DMX-512 Protocol
  • NO Duty Cycles! – Run all night!
  • IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power (9 Fixtures Max. @ 120V and 17 Fixtures Max. @230V)
  • Safety Loop on rear panel
  • UC IR Remote Control (Sold Separately) & Airstream IR Compatible
  • Power Draw: 62W Max (Full On)
  • Multi Voltage: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Long life LEDs (Rated at approximately 50,000 hours)
  • Light Source: Gobos: 8 x 3W LEDs (2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue, & 2 White); Derby Effect: 2 x 10W Quad LEDs (RGBW); Wash: 8 x 1W LEDs ( 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue & 2 Amber) + Red & Green Lasers
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9” x 25”x 12.5” / 232 x 634 x 319mm
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs. / 7kg.

Additional information

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions27.2 × 13.5 × 10.5 in


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