Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Review | Price | Pros & Cons

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Review | Price | Pros & Cons: It is every DJs dream to own a state of the art DJ controller that will help them improve their game and give party goers a gig they would be proud of. And yes, with the many DJ controllers on the market today, DJs are spoilt for choice of which of the latest DJ controllers best works for them.  From the trending Hercules Instinct P8 to Numark MixDeck Express to Pioneer DDJSR and even the  Pioneer DDJ-SB2, DJs who want to improve their game have an array of incredible DJ controllers to choose from.

However, one DJ controller that has earned its place and trust among a lot of DJs out there is the new and improved Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2. This 4 channel controller is every DJs dream controller as it spots a lot of amazing features that will improve your game as a DJ while thrilling your fans to the best groove they have ever been to. Of course, the pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2 is a great controller, nevertheless, the improvements made to Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 has endeared it to the heart of many DJs out there. And while it looks spot on and all shades of unique, it inherited two features from its predecessor. These features are performance pads with multi-colored cue point LEDs and a jog cue countdown. The icing on the cake is that this DJ controller comes with Serato DJ DVS that upgrades ready with improved jog wheel latency that is poised to improve your game as a DJ.

Let me ask you this question, wouldn’t you love to have a DJ controller that allows you to record and replay hot cue sequences on the go easily? If yes, then you should definitely be thinking of giving this DJ controller a try. It’s everything you’ve ever wished for and more. Here, check out some of its top features.

  • Top notch Native Serato flip: With this feature, DJs can now use the three dedicated buttons on Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 to record, start and slot tracks easily.
  • Big size aluminum jogs: This DJ controller spots a large size aluminum jogs that deliver a perfect scratch response. Together with its cue point markers, you can gain effortless control without taking a peek at your laptop screen.
  • An exciting backlit performance pads: The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 backlit performance pads are a breath of fresh air. This is uniquely designed to give DJs visual references.
  • It is DVS upgrade ready: With this exciting feature, DJs can now enjoy a scratch with CDJs or analog turntables using Serato NoiseMap Control CD/vinyl.
  • Slip mode: This feature allows DJ to easily keep the music playing muted when they are editing loops, scratching or even reversing. The moment you release the jog wheels, the track simultaneously takes off from the right place.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Pros

There are lots of exciting reasons to get yourself this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2. Here take a look at some of them.

  • Compact size: If you want a 4 channel controller you can easily carry around, this is the one for you. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for DJs looking for something they can easily travel around with. Combined with performance, you wouldn’t regret giving this DJ controller a try.
  • Great value for its price: Of course, the performance and exciting features of this DJ controller isn’t in doubt, what makes it highly sought after among DJs is its affordable price. Compared to its predecessors, this 4 channel DJ controller is quite affordable.
  • Easy plug and play functionality: Make no mistake about it; this is easily one of the easiest DJ controllers to operate out there. This makes it perfect for just about any DJ looking to give their career a boost.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Cons

Besides a few wear and tear; this DJ controller is almost perfect. Get one today and improve your DJ career beyond levels you never expected.Click the  button below to check the latest price and order your Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 today.


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