PIONEER DJ CDJ-900NXS PRO-DJ MULTI-PLAYER Review|Price|Specifications

Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS Pro-DJ Multi-Player: When you’re a DJ, you will want to have a toy you can always depend on to not only win you new gigs but also help you make a statement as one of the hottest DJ’s on the block. And yes, there are tons of DJ controllers on the market today that you will be spoilt for choice when trying to get one that works flawlessly to give you the kind of groove and popularity you’re looking for. From famous Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Standalone 2 channel DJ Controller to the all exciting PIONEER DDJSR Pro DJ Controller, there is just an incredible array of DJ controllers to choose from.

However, if you’re a DJ on the market looking for a flagship DJ controller you can rely on to deliver an impeccable experience and performance you’ll love, you wouldn’t go wrong to give the all-new Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS Pro-DJ Multi-Player. Built on the success of its predecessor, the CDJ-900, this DJ controller is prepped to make you the famous DJ in town while winning you new gigs every other day. The Exciting thing about this new DJ controller is that it is packed with new and exciting technology you’ll be thrilled about. From a full eye-popping LCD screen to beat divide to four deck beat sync and yes, your ability to play all your sets from a smartphone, this DJ controller is intentionally designed to make your DJ career fun and worth it!!.

Another cool thing about this intriguing DJ controller is the fact that it spots a high-resolution screen that gives DJs a quick view of the sound wave while allowing you to view and edit rokordbox beatgrids easily. More so, the HID allows you to use other complex DJ software of your choice even without a control disk. Here, check out other cool features of this DJ controller.

  1. Highly improved track info: This is one of the highlights of this DJ controller that attracts many DJs. Its large HD LCD display is uniquely designed to show you all the information you need. With its HD display, you can easily carry out waveform analysis; view beat countdown, track indicator, phase meter and lots more.
  2. Play music over WI-FI: This is another interesting feature of this DJ controller that will make you fall in love with it almost instantly. This feature allows you to wirelessly connect to rekordbox and play music directly from your smartphones, Mac or tablet.
  3. Highly advanced connectivity: Would you like to connect multiple players, turntables or laptops to your DJ controller? Then you should get yourself the new and improved Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS Pro-DJ Multi-Player, and you wouldn’t regret it. This controller allows you to easily connect other players, turntables or even laptops via LAN connection. With this feature, you can connect to rekordbox to thrill your audience to pre-prepared loops and cues.
  4. Slip Mode: If you’re a DJ who wants to keep tracks playing muted while editing, you should consider getting yourself the Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS Pro-DJ Multi-Player. With this controller, keeping tracks muted during live edits like loop scratch or reverse is easy.
  5. Beat perfect: For a reliable performance you’ll be proud of, this DJ controller allows you to quantize snap cues and loops to rekordbox to give your performance the boost it deserves.


  1. Compact size: For DJ’s who are looking for DJ controllers they can easily carry around; the Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS Pro-DJ Multi-Player is the one for you. Its compact size means you can easily travel with it without bothering about its weight.
  2. Spots exciting features: Its eye-popping features make it a must-have for any DJ looking to give his gig that extra touch of class.


  1. It is expensive: Although this DJ controller is all shades of gorgeous and has lots of really cool features, it is a tad too pricey. Besides this, this DJ controller is a must-have for any DJ out there.

Don’t wait for another second, get one right away and thrill your audience to the party of a lifetime!!

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