Focusrite have earned their place as one of the best creators of audio equipment and guess what, with their newest addition, the Scarlet Solo MK2 Audio Interface, they didn’t disappoint customers who have come to love their audio equipment. The interesting thing about the Scarlet Solo MK2 interface is that it spots a unique and portable design and delivers a convenient approach towards sound recording when compared to other audio solutions on the market. From XLR and 1/4 input to RCA outs for some studio monitors to a more robust connectivity for your guitars bars and keys, Scarlet Solo MK2 audio interface is prepped to wow lovers of good sound. Here, take a look at some of its mind-blowing features

Main features

  • This audio interface spots a stuffFocusrite preamp built-in to deliver a phantom power for those who love quality sound
  • It spots a DI/line that allows you to connect your guitar, bass or keys easily
  • It boasts of a 24-bit resolution audio quality
  • With a Dynamic range of over 105dB, this audio interface is a monster on steroids.
  • It comes with a direct monitor switch
  • A unique Kensington lock slot
  • A uniquely designed gain halos for easy visualization level
  • A large volume dial on the front
  • USB 2.0 technology
  • 1 XLR, 1 1/4″ inputs
  • 1 stereo RCA, 1 1/4″ outputs


Regardless of its overwhelming features, this monster audio interface is absolutely fantastic in terms of its price. For people looking for something entirely basic but still delivers an experience like you were using AI’s, you wouldn’t be disappointed to give Focusrite Scarlet Solo MK2 Audio Interface a try. With brands looking for reputation, Focusrite  Scarlet Solo MK2 Audio Interface absolutely won over users looking for a reliable gear with this one.

Without a doubt, this newly released gear is all shades of amazing and gives you lots of options especially when you’re on the market for a simple audio interface that lives up to its expectations. Although it only has one XLR port, if you only use one mic, you have nothing to worry about. With this audio interface to the rescue, you can easily connect your studio monitor speakers with RCA outputs while effectively switching between your headphones and other equipment.

Another exciting thing about this audio interface is its build quality. Although it spots a compact size, it has a rugged aluminum build which makes it perfect for people who travel around with their equipment.


  • It supports lots of exciting features that will no doubt make your recording session an absolute wonder.
  • It is solid and durable, thanks to aluminum build
  • It is compact and absolutely affordable


While this audio interface is decent and lives up to its expectations, it only spots one XLR input which may be a problem for people with more than one mic. Other than that, this audio interface is a must-have.

Our verdict

From its exciting design to its incredible features and durable materials used to build it, Scarlet Solo MK2 audio interface is a must-have for people looking for a decent gear that they can absolutely depend on.